“Semme” is an artistical documentary movie about Lithuanian ethnoculture. In “Semme” the ethnoculture is brought to light through the beauty of nature, folklore and believes of ancestors. The main emphasis is on the Baltic heritage. Three main characters of “Semme” are eager to preserve the old ethnocultural traditions: cartographer Tadas Sidiskis, pagan priest Jonas Trinkunas, folk craftsmen Algirdas Verseckas. The main purpose of “Semme” is to reveal the alternative views to the old traditions and the national identity. Movie will show trip to old forest, pagan customs and offerings, medieval crafts.

About characters:

Jonas Trinkunas

Jonas Trinkunas

Ethnologist, folklorist, theologist
Founder of baltic community “Ramuva”
The high priest of “Romuva”

Tadas Sidiskis

Tadas Sidiskis

One of the founders of “Vilnius University hikers club”
Member of “Romuva” and “Kūlgrinda” ensemble.

Algirdas Verseckas

Algirdas Verseckas

Folk artist
Member of the handcrafters guild
Certified master in the Baltic heritage